Welcome to Nytech Audio

Home to both Vintage and Modern Nytech Amplifiers

We are a British manufacturer of high quality Audio amplifiers and Phono amplifiers. Hand built in South Wales, all our new equipment is pure analogue with no digital audio components for the music purist and audiophile.

Browse our site to view and purchase our new equipment or find out how to bring your vintage Nytech amplifier into the 21st century with a service or one of our new upgrades.

Explore detailed information on the history or our products old and new. For those of you interested in DIY Hifi we have a section dedicated to those that like to build, with the hope of inspiring the next generation of audio engineers and keeping the skills “out there”.

New Nytech-Welcome

New Nytech Audio equipment

New Nytech equipment page

Find out all about our range of new equipment specifically designed for the music lover.

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Vintage Nytech-Welcome

Vintage Nytech

Original “red badge” CTA252

This section covers all the original Nytech products of the 1970s and 1980s.

Most parts except the slider controls and tuner IC’s are still available so we still offer a repair service for all of these wonderful amps as they were built to last!

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Vintage Ion Systems

Vintage Ion Systems

When Nytech Audio moved to Mid Wales in the late 1980s they re-branded and became Ion Systems with a new range of Ion / Nexus amplifiers and the JC1 and JC1a loudspeaker.

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Music Lab

The Music Lab

Leon Theramin (picture courtesy of Getty Images)

The Nytech Audio Music lab is a new dedicated area for people more interested in the technical aspect of music making and reproduction.

It includes technical information, kits and DIY projects for electronics engineers (old and new), musicians, audio engineers and anyone else who loves to geek out on all the techie stuff!

Find out how stuff works by having a go at building it yourself!

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Kits and Modules

KPA401 Power amplifier module

A complete 40W/80W (8/4 ohm) RMS mono power amplifier module with power supply

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EXO electronic crossover module

A single channel (two required for stereo) two way (HF-LF) active crossover module complete with plug in filter board.

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