A DIY Music Streamer 04

Setting up the Raspberry Pi (all software)

In this section you will plug up your Raspberry Pi and do the initial software installation.
An HDMI monitor and USB keyboard will be very useful to keep an eye on what is going on.

Setting up the hardware.

Insert your prepared SD card into the slot on the Raspberry Pi.

Connect your Pi to a monitor or TV using the appropriate HDMI cable (you may need an adaptor depending on which Pi you have).

Plug the USB keyboard and power supply into your Pi.
You can plug a wired network cable into the Pi but its not essential at this stage.

Switch on your monitor and check its on the right HDMI input.

Plug in the Pi power supply. You should see the LED on the Pi start flashing and a load of text start scrolling up the screen. It will probably stop for a while with a message something like “resizing media” which if its a big SD card will take a fairly long time.
At some time the Pi will restart and should eventually settle down to a simple text message (moOde) or the Kodi main screen below.