Customer Comments

Customer Comments

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Here’s what some of our customers said to us after listening to their classic amps following an upgrade or service:

“Just to let you know how much pleasure I have had from my Obelisk since you returned it. I love the quiet phases now, believe the bass line is stronger and voices cleaner. Just been listening to an old Martin Simpson record and I am right there back in the hall where I first heard his magical guitar playing.

I know my equipment is old ( LP12, Ittok, Adikt, Obelisk, Royd Edens ) but the sound is as right for me now as it was the day I chose it and that is what counts.”

PW, West Sussex, UK

”Just a note to say how pleased I am with the amp, which I have paired with B&W CM1 S2 speakers. The combination works really well with all styles and era’s of music that I have thrown at it. The clarity and tonal balance is excellent. Who needs tone controls!”

DP, Winchester, UK

”Amp arrived lunch time, no damage, all intact. Love the rear panel. Did a Full Road test…wonderful…Sweet at the levels I want it and even sweeter through my new Sennheiser cans except for a faint crackle between numbers.

So (at last !) many thanks for the work, alright if I drop it back in 30 years for another re-build?”

PR, St Jacques de Thouars, France

“I’ve found myself digging out LPs I haven’t played in donkeys’ years. The amp sounds sweeter than ever. Many thanks.”

ST, Bristol, UK

“My Nytech arrived in excellent shape both cosmetically and acoustically. Very nice job…very impressive for an amp of its age. Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism. This was, definitively, money very well spent!”

JL, Athens, Greece

“I would like to send a big thank you for the service and repair of my amp. I am delighted with the sound and the looks of the amp, you have done a fantastic job. I would also like to thank you for the quick turn round, my standby amp is ready for the local recycling centre so I missed the Nytech very much.”

AH, Hastings, UK

“I have just received my refurbished Nytech CTA252 back today. I had always enjoyed this product and It has never sounded as good as it does now, money well spent. Not only have Nytech done a fantastic job but they were an absolute pleasure to deal with I could not have asked for a better service.”

HD, Co Down, N Ireland

Here’s what they said about our new equipment:

CP202/CPA402 Pre/Power amplifier

“I have had them (CP202/CPA402) for about a month now and they sound fabulous. I have them set up with a Rega Saturn R CD player and Monitor Audio Silver 6 speakers, connected via Graham Slee interconnects and speaker cable and Audioquest Mackensie XLR to XLR cables. We like all sorts of music from Prog Rock to modern Minimalist composers and all of the CDs played so far sound as though they have been re-mastered, such is the difference from my old system. I never really understood the term ‘a wide soundstage’ until I connected up the Nytech amps. Keep up the good work and thank you for all of the help and advice that you provided.”

Mr D, South Wales, UK

CDP102 Moving coil adaptor

“I was quite positively surprised about the sturdy metal enclosure, of which I first thought it would be plastic. The shielding is perfect.

After playing several records through rock, electronic and concluding it with a first pressing of Kind of Blue, I can surely say this little box is quite an improvement over the transformer.

As expected, there is some elevated background noise, but nothing to be concerned of. But the bass response is now much better, also the high frequencies are slightly reduced. So, it was indeed just a setup thing, unlike even some dealers claim, that the AT-OC9/III has a thin sound – not at all!

The battery drawer is my favourite, easy to access and completely fool-proof. I tried it with an NiMh rechargeable battery it works like a charm.

Thanks again, I truly think your support is outstanding for such a product. Others charge ten times as much and will leave the new owner alone with it.”

Norman B, Germany

CDP102 Moving coil adaptor

“In my opinion the adaptor is best described as an “amplifying piece of wire”. If the record delivers dynamics you will hear all the dynamics, if the record sounds flat it will sound flat – and so on. I think the adaptor doesn’t have its own sound it just amplifies without changing the characteristics, something that SUTs (step up transformers) always do. What I also like is that the MC adaptor is dead silent (at least if you don’t put it too close to a large transformer). I like the idea that it is battery powered – no expensive PSU necessary and no influences from the grid.”

MK, Austria