MCP1 Dedicated MC phono stage

MCP1 Dedicated Moving Coil phono stage (Coming soon)

Not the MCP1 – Pic coming soon

The MCP1 is our flagship “no compromise” high end Moving Coil RIAA phono stage. The MCP1 has no electrolytic capacitors in the direct signal path and feature the best quality components we can find for the pure Vinyl music lover.

This is why we offer dedicated MC and MP versions rather than a switchable combined unit.

Both amplifiers are built, tested and set up by skilled engineers with many years of experience in pure analogue electronics and use techniques only found in the most expensive phono stages out there but they remain affordable to the serious music lover!

The MCP1 phono stage uses the same amplifier circuit as the MMP1 for the main RIAA amplifier section combined with our “current amplifier” MC front end to produce the ideal phono stage for any high end turntable / MC cartridge combination.

The MCP1 has switchable (10/15/25dB) gain but unlike other phono stages the switch is not in the signal path so it has no detrimental effect on the music

Both phono stages are “no compromise” dedicated designs with no DIP switches, adjustments or other distractions from your music

MCP1 Brief Specifications


(Gain is set by rear panel switch)

S/N ratio

-67dBu (700uV RMS)
-87dB ref to maximum output

Power requirements

24v DC 51mA (0.49W)


Phono (RCA jack) – input and output
3mm terminal post for turntable earth
DC power connector.


140mm (Width)
70mm (Height)
215mm (Depth including connectors


To be confirmed

Optional extras

MPS1 “never connected” 24V power supply (coming soon)