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Her you will find a big list of projects, kits and modules.

Each Project has a ” SL” (skill level) beside the title from 1 to 5 with 1 being suitable for an absolute beginner and 10 being an experimental idea for experienced DIY’rs to mess around with. Most kits have several options from a fully built module to a bare PCB for the experimenter who wants to use his own components

We’ve split the projects into categories to group things together and make them easy to find. Just scroll down until you find something that interests you and click the pic for more details.

1: Audio Amplifiers

The Nytech “Classic” Power amp module (SL=3)

The Nytech “Classic”

A 25W RMS power amplifier module based on the original Nytech PA module used in the CTA/CA/CXA range of classic equipment.

The module uses a single 56V DC supply and the output transistors can be mounted to suit your heatsink (a heatsink is NOT included in the kit)

This module can be used to replace classic Nytech power amps as long as you have the original heatsinks available. Be aware that if you use the new modules in this way you will need to change both modules in the classic kit.

The module has an “Anti Thump” circuit fitted and is strongly recommended for CTA252’s used in active systems where there is insufficient room to fit the Anti Thump module below

The “Little Beauty” Low Power pure Class “A” Power amplifier (SL=2)

The little Beauty power amplifier is a very simple relatively low power pure class A PA module. Don’t be fooled by the low power however as the LB can produce stunningly good music with modern efficient loudspeakers.

Inspired by the work of Nelson Pass and others on the DIY audio forum in the USA, the LB power requirements are 18V at 2A. IE an old laptop power supply! thus its very safe to build and definitely “my first DIY amp”

The CPA401 PA module (SL=5 – Mains power wiring required)

This module is a chance to build the power amp from our original “four little boxes” range. Its available in all forms from a bare PCB to a full amp kit with Nytech case.

Power output is 40W RMS into 8 ohms or 80W RMS into 4 ohms and the module also has remote power switching so it can be turned on and off by a preamp.

Build 2 of these and the matching CP132 preamp and CPS102 power supply (see below) and you will have a very nice little system that sits really well in with our main range of Audio equipment and a sound quality to match.

The BIG Beauty Class A driver module (SL=5)

The BIG Beauty is more of a project for an experementor as its a Class A PA exciter module without the output section which means that you can add your own power transistors and heatsinks to build a monster class A amp up to about 50W RMS.

This is something for a dedicated DIY constructor to make a true “High end” power amplifier without a telephone number price tag!

The “Big Boy” Class “D” driver module (SL=5)

The “Big Boy” is very much an experimental design but we have tested a “medium power” version and it seems to work well. Its intended for people who want to experement with Class D to make one that actually makes music.

Like the Big boy above its an exciter module and has no output stage but because it is class D then truly monsterous amplifiers are possible (we’ve got a 2000W RMS design we’re to frightened to build 🙂 However more sensible power outputs of 50-100W RMS are much more achievable (and safe)