CA352 Amplifier

CA352 Integrated Amplifier

Nytech Audio CA352 integrated amplifier with walnut wood trim

The CA352 is our simple “No Compromise” integrated amplifier designed to produce a clean musical experience with the most demanding audio components.

All CA352s are hand built by an individual engineer using traditional “wire ended” components and military grade through hole plated printed circuit boards, using special lead free solder with a high silver content. It’s the use of these “vintage” construction methods that gives the CA352 and our other Nytech products their unique musical sound so desired by serious music lovers.

There’s also no software to upgrade, no internet connection and no “inbuilt obsolescence” so your CA352 should be part of your musical enjoyment for many years to come and no technology giant will be able to stop it working!

The CA352 has many features only seen on “high end” amplifiers such as separate power rails for left and right channels, professional grade signal relays for source selection and muting (no electronic switched in the signal path), wired components on double sided through plated PCB’s with silver based solder (unlike the cheap “solder paste” used in modern “surface mount” mass produced circuit boards).

One thing that is missing is a phono stage! This isn’t because we don’t support vinyl (a quick glance further down should confirm that). It’s just that putting the phono stage inside the integrated box subjects it to hum and noise from the large mains transformer but also not everybody wants a phono stage and a good one adds to the cost, so we didn’t compromise and kept the phono stage in its own box where it should be as an optional extra for those that want it.

Like its illustrious ancestors, the CA352 also features a preamp out / poweramp in “link” socket for easy upgrade to a larger power amplifier or active loudspeaker upgrade. There’s no need for an external “link” plug however as this option is selected via internal dealer accessible links!

There is also a remote control with only eight buttons on it as we don’t believe it’s a good idea to have a remote based on the Concorde flight deck!

The CA352 is available with several real wood trim options.

Welsh Walnut
American Walnut
Light Oak
Black ash

Other woods are possible to special order. Please contact us for more details.

Brief specifications


Line Inputs
4x Line level (-10dBu – 300mv RMS) stereo inputs using professional RCA “Phono” connectors.


Single loudspeaker pair outputs directly connected to power amplifiers using 30A 4mm terminal posts that will accept 4mm plug, 6mm spade connectors or 6mm bare wires.

Loudspeaker output power.
35W RMS into 8 ohms (both channels driven).
70W RMS into 4 ohms (both channels driven).

6.3mm (1/4 in) Stereo jack socket (can be used with the smaller 3.5mm jack plug with a suitable adaptor.
The headphone output is driven by a purpose built headphone amplifier and the main power amplifiers are muted during headphone operation.

Headphone output
Up to 7v RMS into 32ohm load.
Headphone levels can be adjusted to suit customers individual headphones by Nytech Audio or a dealer.

Power supply
Industry standard IEC 60320 C14 Connector

Power requirements
220-240V AC 50-60Hz, 160 VA
100-120V AC, 50-60Hz, 160VA

Standby power drain = <0.3VA

Special purpose Inputs/Outputs

“Link” connector
This is a 0dBu (775mv RMS) Preamplifier output and power amplifier input on a 6 pin professional locking DIN socket.

This socket can be used with a suitable cable as a preamp out or in conjunction with the new Nytech CXA352 crossover amplifier (coming soon!) as the electronics for a two way active capable speaker (See our “active loudspeaker” section for details of currently supported loudspeakers.

The socket also has a pin switched to earth when power is applied. This can be used as a remote switch on for equipment that can be controlled in such a manner.

Actiport (Active loudspeaker output)
The main loudspeaker outputs on a Nuetrik “Speakon” 4 way locking connector.
Used for error free connection to an active loudspeaker

Other specifications

Signal / Noise ratio
-56dBu at loudspeaker output with inputs shorted and volume at maximum
-60dBu at headphone output, Inputs as above

Physical Dimensions

218mm (8.56in), Allow at least 25mm either side for ventilation

80mm (3.14in) not including feet
90mm (3.53in) including feet

330mm including rear sockets. Allow a further 50-75mm behind for cable connectors.

7kg on shelf
7.8kg including packaging