CDP122 MM/MC phono stage

CDP122 Phono stage

CDP122 Phonostage

The CDP122 is our “entry level” RIAA line level phono stage. It is compatible with both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) cartridges and features a very low noise semiconductor current to voltage converter for the MC input rather than gain switching, so unlike other phono stages using DIP switches (which were never designed to carry very low level analogue signals) we use movable gold plated links on the PCB to switch from MM to MC.

The design of the MC front end also eliminates the need for input resistor and capacitor switching as the “current amplifier” will always present the perfect load to the MC cartridge.

Likewise MM cartridges are all designed for a standard load resistance (47k) and capacitance so DIP switches are not required.

Brief specifications

Phono stage gain

40dB (MM) 50 to 60dB (MC)
(MC gain is set at factory)

S/N ratio (inputs shorted)

MM = -60dBu (775uV RMS)
-80dB ref to maximum output
MC = -63dBu (1400uV RMS)
-77dB ref to maximum output


Phono (RCA jack) – input and output
3mm terminal post for turntable earth
DC power connector

DC power requirements

24V DC 60 mA