CP202 Preamplifier

CP202 Pre amplifier

The CP202 pre amplifier is a simple straightforward all analogue pre amplifier designed to work with our CPA402 power amplifier.

Nytech CP202 pre amplifier with oak wood cheeks

The CP202 has the same input configuration as the CA352 but the preamp unbalanced output is on 3 pin XLR connectors, as unbalanced signals inherently have lower distortion levels than balanced signals and good quality interconnect cables eliminate external noise on the short length between preamp and poweramp.

The CP202 also has a built in dedicated headphone amplifier (you can use it on its own as a “big” headphone amplifier).

The CP202 has the ability to switch off any new Nytech power amplifier from the CP202 power switch or remote control. The power amplifier is also turned off if headphones are plugged in.

Brief Specifications


Line Inputs
4x Line level (-10dBu – 300mv RMS) stereo inputs using professional RCA “Phono” connectors.


Line Output

0dbU (0.775v RMS) unbalanced output on 3 pin male XLR connector.
Pin 2 on XLR is grounded on power on so input meets CCIR spec for unbalanced signals using XLR connectors and can be connected to a power amplifier with balanced inputs

6.3mm (1/4 in) Stereo jack socket (can be used with the smaller 3.5mm jack plug with a suitable adaptor.
The headphone output is driven by a purpose built headphone amplifier and the main power amplifiers are muted during headphone operation.

Headphone output
Up to 7v RMS into 32ohm load.
Headphone levels can be adjusted to suit customers individual headphones by Nytech Audio or a dealer.

Power supply
Industry standard IEC 60320 C14 Connector

Power requirements
220-240V AC 50-60Hz, 30 VA
100-120V AC, 50-60Hz, 30VA

Standby power drain = <0.3VA

Other specifications

Signal / Noise ratio
-65dBu at main output with inputs shorted and volume at maximum
-60dBu at headphone output, Inputs as above

Physical Dimensions

218mm (8.56in), Allow at least 25mm either side for ventilation

80mm (3.14in) not including feet
90mm (3.53in) including feet

330mm including rear sockets. Allow a further 50-75mm behind for cable connectors.

5kg on shelf
5.8kg including packaging