MCA1 MC adaptor

MCA1 Moving Coil Adaptor

Nytech Audio MCA1 moving coil adaptor with walnut wood trim

The MCA1 is a “moving coil adaptor” for use with an existing MM phono stage in the same way that you would use a moving coil “step up” transformer.

The sound of a phono stage is very much determined by the RIAA filter in it and you may not wish to change it!

A step up transformer will always colour the sound slightly because it is unpowered and has some magnetic loss.
The MCA1 allows you to upgrade your cartridge to a MC type with all the sound improvements that comes with it but keeps the basic Vinyl “sound” from your original MM phono stage with virtually no colouration added by the MCA1

The MCA1 does not suffer from magnetic loss as it is an electronic “current amplifier” and the minute amount of power needed to make it work is provided by a standard 9v alkaline battery.
One customer who bought one described it as “an amplifying piece of wire” after comparing it to his own very high end (and very good!) step up transformer.

MCA1 Brief Specification


(Gain is set by rear panel switch)

S/N ratio

Adds 1-2db to existing phono stage noise.

Power requirements

9v DC 2mA (max) (0.018W)
Powered by 9v “PP3” alkaline battery


Phono (RCA jack) – input and output
3mm terminal post for turntable earth


140mm (Width)
70mm (Height)
165mm (Depth including connectors)