New Nytech

New Nytech

This section is dedicated to all our new Nytech equipment.

All of our equipment is designed for music lovers to get the most out of their music collection above all else.

All Nytech amplifiers use pure analogue technology and traditional “wired” components. Everything is lovingly hand built in South Wales, UK by skilled analogue electronics engineers from our own designs and (unlike a lot of “modern” electronics) is designed to give many years of trouble free service with no intervention by us.

You don’t need to connect a Nytech amplifier to the internet for constant “upgrades” and it won’t stop working in six months time for the same reason.

Simply let your ears decide if a Nytech amplifier or phono stage is right for you, after all it’s your music and your emotions that are important here. Hopefully our equipment can make both more enjoyable to you and if that’s not the case then there are plenty of other good British equipment makers to choose from.

Our original slogan was “Stuff HiFi – It’s about music!” but we decided to shorten it to “it’s about music” and leave you to decide about the HiFi bit 🙂

Main Amplifiers

CA352 Integrated amplifier

Nytech Audio CA352 integrated amplifier page

The CA352 is our simple “No Compromise” integrated amplifier designed to produce a clean musical experience with the most demanding audio components.

Simple, straightforward, pure analogue sound with no digital signal components, this is an amplifier for music lovers.

There’s no software upgrades, internet connections or need for apps or smartphones so your CA352 will give you many years of trouble free service!

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CP202 preamplifier and CPA402 power amplifier

CPA402 power amp with CP202 preamp stacked on top

The CP202 preamp and CPA402 poweramp are currently our top end amplifiers.

Like our CA352 integrated amplifier the CP202/CPA402 are hand built and contain many high end features such as “mono” power amplifiers with separate power supply transformers and not a digit in sight!

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Phono stages

We remain fully committed to Vinyl as a music source and are very proud of our “traditional” phono stages. As with our amplifiers all our phono stages (except for kits) are hand built and sound uncompromisingly beautiful!
Try one with your own turntable and cartridge, it may well open your ears!


CDP122 Phonostage
CDP122 MM/MC phono stage

The CDP122 is our “entry level” RIAA line level phono stage. It is compatible with both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) cartridges. MM/MC are selected by movable links rather than DIP switches.
Unusually for a phono stage in this price range the CDP122 features a dedicated current to voltage converter (sometimes marketed as a “current amplifier”) for the MC input and no need for input DIP switches.

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MMP1 and MCP1

MMP1 moving magnet phono stage page
MMP1 Moving magnet phono stage
MCP1 moving coil phono stage page
MCP1 Moving coil phono stage

The MMP1 (moving magnet) and MCP1 (moving coil) are our flagship “no compromise” high end RIAA phono stages. These amplifiers have no electrolytic capacitors in the direct signal path and feature the best quality components we can find for the pure Vinyl music lover.

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MCA1 Moving coil adaptor

MCA1 moving coil adaptor page
MCA1 Moving coil adaptor

The MCA1 is a “moving coil adaptor” for use with an existing MM phono stage in the same way that you would use a moving coil “step up” transformer.

The MCA1 is powered by a 9v alkaline battery (which will last for more than a year) and as it requires no mains power supply no mains borne noise or RF shash can get into your MC input circuit.

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