Nytech Audio Musiclab

The Nytech Audio Musiclab

The Nytech Audio Musiclab will be the starting point for all things “techie”.

This will include information on kits and modules for the DIY electonics enthusiast and lots of information and bite sized advice and information for anyone thinking of pursuing analogue electronic engineering as a hobby or even a possible future career.

Subjects will include audio amplifiers, test equipment, and even some musical instruments. (one of the reasons a pic of Leon Theramin heads up this section).

So bookmark this page if you are interested in this sort of stuff and join the musiclab community and create a login (when we can get it to work) to join in and contribute or ask questions.

Most of these projects are still in development so contact us for the latest information as we will prioritise development based on customer interest.

Pre amplifiers

CP132 Preamp
A versatile preamp module that ranges from the very simple 4 input preamp with volume control to a sophisticated preamp with full infra red remote control with programmable 2 line display.
Many options are available from a bare PCB to a fully built and tested preamp.

Power Amplifiers

The Nytech “Classic”
Build an updated version of the original Nytech Audio CTA/CA power amp module complete with “anti thump” option.

A pair of these modules can be used to replace the original CTA252 / CA252 power amp modules used in Nytech vintage equipment as long as you have the original heatsinks as they are no longer available.

CPA401 Monoblock
A 40W IC based monoblock with power supply

Little Toaster
A low power pure class A module that can be powered from an 18v 5A plug top power supply (most laptops used this sort of supply).

Use of an external power supply makes this the ideal project for the beginner.

Big Toaster
A driver module for the more experienced DIY audio enthusiast to build a medium power (25w) pure class A module.
The module does not include output transistors as these will vary depending on customers needs. Because of this this is a project for the experienced constructor.

Big Boy
Another driver module but this time for a class D amplifier for the DIY audio experimenter.
Depending on choice of output stage this module can deliver VERY high power outputs (up to 2000W RMS) so definitely a project for a very experienced engineer

Power supplies

The Black Box
Not really a “project” as it’s a fully built and tested 18V 5A DC power supply for the “Little Toaster” Class A power amplifier if you don’t have an old laptop power supply in your junk box!

The power supply companion to the CP132 preamp with available options from bare PCB to fully built and tested units.

Power to the people
Not really a “project” but a resource for the experienced electronics constructor on designing and building power supplies for audio use safely.

Test and measurement

Low distortion oscillator
Every serious Audio DIY enthusiast will benefit from a reliable signal source.
This simple battery powered oscillator will serve most people very well and is an ideal “first project).

40dB Attenuator cable
A simple attenuator cable to test and adjust MM phono stages from a 0dB signal source.

60dB Attenuator cable
As above but -60dB of attenuation to test and adjust MC phono stages.

Making music

The Nytech Audio Theramin.
Known for its distinctive haunting sound (and its difficulty to play), the theramin uses many different electronic techniques to produce its unmistakable sound.
Build this to learn many electronics techniques in a single project and then learn how to try and play the thing!
Not for the faint hearted!